Quest Red Blend 2016


Quest Red Blend 2016

This wine tastes like Paso Robles. 

When I open it and swirl it (like you're supposed to do if you want to look "Wine Woke") it opens up and I smell the local hills and evening coastal breeze. This is a dark cabernet blend that stands alone as a night in or does a great job of making a statement at a dinner party. 

It is aged in American oak and comes from a veteran of the Central Coast wine scene, Austin Hope of Hope Family Wines.

Wine Varietal
57% Cabernet Sauvignon
23% Merlot
15% Petite Verdot
5% Peitie Sirah.

Tasting Notes
Vanilla and caramel. Big mouthfeel with firm tannins and a long toasty, French vanilla finish. 

Pairs Well With
Seared hanger steak or a long conversation.

How to Serve it
Room temp or chilled to preference



Austin Hope

Vineyard AVA
Paso Robles


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