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2018 Ampelos ‘Santa Rita Hills’ Pinot

Lo-Fi Cab Franc

From the presentation to the natural production style, this Cab Franc is both unique and familiar in just one sip. 

When you breathe in the aroma you'll probably get cherries, which work well with a bottle that looks like a cherry soda. When you sip, it is fruity but not sweet, as well as crisp with a bit of acidity. 

This wine is a great example of the natural winemaking process. All of the grapes were all hand-harvested organically farmed grapes, to start the fermentation, they only used indigenous yeast, and that acidity comes from naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria and minimum effective SO2.

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Wine Varietal
100% Cabernet Franc

Tasting Notes
lighter bodied Cab Franc, Strawberry, and some acidity. It was aged in neutral oak, so it will be a brighter red wine that pairs great with food. 

Pairs Well With
Traders Table Recipe

How to Serve it
Room Temperature or Chilled to Preference 


Lo-Fi Wines

Mike Roth

Vineyard AVA
Santa Barbara County (Solvang, CA / Los Alamos, CA)

Production Notes
Fermentation -Whole cluster carbonic. 100% natural primary and secondary; pressed after 8 days.
Barrels -62% Tank + 38% neutral oak barrique (four or more years old)
Aging - six months.
Production - 578 Cases

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