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2018 SRH Ampelos Pinot Noir

Ampelos Cellars

2018 Ampelos ‘Santa Rita Hills’ Pinot

We all love canceled meetings, but what if a canceled meeting saved your life? Yeah…deep. But when a meeting was canceled at the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001Peter & Rebecca Work were able to look at their lives and realize it was time to change. So they packed up and moved to California and started Ampelos. 

1 st in the US to be certified sustainable, organic & biodynamic

This wine is organic, sustainably farmed, and biodynamic… drinking this wine might actually help combat global warming. 

Wine Varietal

100% Pinot Nior

Tasting Notes
Bing cherry and rhubarb with a dust of nutmeg, fine grain tennis, and smoked earth tangy acids and a hint of lavender

Pairs Well With
Traders Table Recipe

How to Serve it
Room Temperature or Chilled to Preference 



Peter & Rebecca Work

Vineyard AVA
Santa Rita Hills

Production Notes from the Winery

• grapes were picked from our renowned ampelos vineyards
• for each of the different blocks at our estate sections, we kept checking the fruit into the fall to ensure the
optimal harvest time
• the grapes were picked between September 13 and October 3
• we carefully inspected the clusters during the picking to eliminate anything but the best fruit – early morning
work starting at midnight

Winemaking Style
• all steps in the winemaking process were following natural and eco-friendly winemaking principles
• cooling the grapes: after picking the fruit stayed 24 hours in our cold room to avoid the use of dry ice
• cold soaked for 3-5 days after which the natural, wild fermentation kicked in. we did not use any man-made
yeast – we prefer to let nature do her job. the flavors during fermentation were awesome!
• hand punched twice a day to facilitate optimal extraction of colors, tannins and flavors
• after primary fermentation completed we kept the wine on the skins for up to a month to allow further
extraction of flavors, tannins and complexity
• we drained the free run to tank and gently pressed the rest
• barreled down after a day of settling
• secondary fermentation (malolactic) finished natively – no bacteria or nutrients were added
• the wine is (off course) unfined and unfiltered – as all our red wines are

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