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2018 Ampelos Rosé of Syrah

Ampelos Cellars

2018 Ampelos Rosé of Syrah

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We all love canceled meetings, but what if a canceled meeting saved your life? Yeah…deep. But when a meeting was canceled at the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001Peter & Rebecca Work were able to look at their lives and realize it was time to change. So they packed up and moved to California and started Ampelos. 

1 st in the US to be certified sustainable, organic & biodynamic

This wine is organic, sustainably farmed, and biodynamic… drinking this wine might actually help combat global warming. 

Wine Varietal

75% syrah, 19% grenache and 6% riesling

Tasting Notes
Nose are hints of fresh strawberries, with watermelon, pomegranate, jolly rancher and pink lady apples, palate of white lilies, bright red fruit, candy necklace and light herbs – nice tropical lift from the riesling of lavender

Pairs Well With
Arugala salad with crushed cashews and sweet dressing.

How to Serve it
Chilled to Preference 



Peter & Rebecca Work

Vineyard AVA
Santa Rita Hills

Production Notes from the Winery

Our goal with the rose is to harvest the grapes when they have fresh and bright aromas and flavors and retain these during the fermentation. we, therefore, pick the syrah and grenache grapes 3-4 weeks earlier than we would have done if the goal
was to make a red wine. the grapes we used for this vintage are 100% estate fruit – including the riesling!

The 2018 harvest was a little later than previous vintages and with good yields. the first grapes harvested for the rose were estate riesling – the new block 14 planted in 2013. 

On September 8 we picked 2214 pounds of grapes - plenty for the rose
and also a little extra for a small bottling of 100% Riesling! It is always a painful thing to pick from these steep slopes with narrow rows…but great flavors!

Just a week later it was time for the syrah to come in from our block 7 as well as the grenache from our block 3

Winemaking Style
Our rose winemaking style is to keep the fresh and balanced flavors of the Syrah grapes alive and allow for the natural aromas and flavors to come forward.

A third of each of the syrah, as well as the grenache batches, were de-stemmed, crushed and cold-soaked for 2 days to extract the beautiful glowing pink color and contribute with a deep red-wine alike mouth feel with light tannins and structure.

The other two-thirds were gently pressed within hours of harvest. the small riesling batch was also pressed – and now all the components were in stainless barrels and tanks!

From 2011 we have not been using commercial yeast for fermentation – but rather let mother nature's wild yeast do the job.

As the different components arrived we watched them start fermenting and enjoyed the flavors develop during a long, cold and slow fermentation – average fermentation time at 50F was 28 days.

None of the batches were in contact with oak and they did not go through the second (malolactic) fermentation. before bottling we blended the components, fined and filtered.

To reduce our energy use we have replaced the electricity-hungry, traditional cold stabilization with a product based on Manoproteins – the results are amazing and we feel even more “green” by doing so.

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