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California is much more than a place. To some, it’s a grand experiment. To others, it’s a sun-soaked symbol of paradise. For many, it is a space where cultures can collide and dreams can become reality. It is both a state and a state of mind, with a history as rich as its soil and a landscape as diverse as its population. Juxtapositions exist in excess here, home to ancient trees and cutting-edge technologies, steep mountains and deep valleys, and desolate landscapes mere miles from bustling cities. California’s wines thrive in this environment of extremes, resulting in a diverse offering unlike the world has ever seen.

Much like the state itself, California’s wines offer a golden opportunity to experiment wildly and discover that there truly is something for everybody. Instead of choosing a single path, you’re invited to embrace the journey and experience its bounty for yourself. 

Brix & Barrel offers three unique subscription packages to guide your wine journey. 

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Wine Club Curator
Gary Darakjian

Born and raised in California’s abundant central valley, Gary has always carried an abiding appreciation for his home state. During his years working in restaurants and wine retail, both in and outside of California, his fascination with California and its wines grew into a passion that led him to become a sommelier. Few things offer him more satisfaction than choosing, pouring, and sharing a glass of wine with anyone from novices to aficionados, and everyone in between. 


Three Subscription Options: The Classics, The Cutting Edge and The Golden State.

Wine Club Offerings

Whether you enjoy the wines that California is known for or are searching for something you've never tried, California wines offer something for everyone. We only select wines made by smaller producers who care not only for their wines, but for the land and people that helped to make them.

The Classics

These are the wines California is known for.

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The Cutting Edge

Wines made from grapes, regions, and styles you’ve probably not heard of.

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The Golden State

A blend of wines you know and you don’t, a true reflection of California’s diverse and unique wines.

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