2019 Groundwork Picpoul Carbonique - Orange Wine


2019 Groundwork Picpoul Carbonique - Orange Wine

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Really one of the reasons I love this wine is because I get to say Picpoul.

Such a fun departure from your boring white or rose.

This is technically an orange wine, fermented with the skins in contact with the juice for a bit of time. It adds a bit more structure and creates an outstanding summer wine.

Tasting Notes
ruby red grapefruit pith, Jasmine Pearl Green tea, fruit loops, apricot, spearmint

Vineyard Notes
71% Beato Vineyard, 29% Derby Vineyard


Production Notes
A white wine made with a red winemaking technique - a fun and natural ORANGE WINE

Winemaker Notes
Picpoul Gris, Picpoul Blanc

475 cases

Other Notes
Chuggable, lovable & fresh! Chill in refrigerator 20 min before serving, pop it, crush it.