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Desparada Sackcloth and Ashes 2016

Desparada Wines

Desparada Sackcloth and Ashes 2016

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Yeah this... this is a Bordeaux Blend. Enjoy responsibly... or don't... depends on the day really.

Wine Varietal
65% Cabernet Sauvignon
18% Petit Verdot
10% Cabernet Franc
5% Malbec
2% Grenache

Tasting Notes
Cigar, chocolate, herbs, mushrooms, and black currant Jam.

Pairs Well With
Homemade BBQ Pizza

How to Serve it
Room Temperature or Chilled to Preference



Valia From

Two Wolves, Star Lane, Pine Hawk, Chelle, TTT, Vogelzang, Sorso, Lunacy

Production Notes from Vailia
"At it’s core Sackcloth & Ashes is the gestalt of my cellar. This is the blend I look forward to making most each year. I pull from my favorite barrels regardless of their style, in the attempt to make a wine of singular character and expression. This is my tête de cuvée."

Holy crap this is good - Trevor

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