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Field Recordings Blanc de Franc 2018

Field Recordings

Field Recordings Blanc de Franc 2018

If you love sparkling wine or even if you can't stand it, you need to try this bottle. From the cap closing the top to the color and complexity, It is a departure from all basic in the sparkling category. 

When we looked for a sparkling option at Brix + Barrel, we aimed for something off the standard sparkling path. Too many of us have been to basic brunches with non-vintage, cheap sparkling wine that delivers more sugar than alcohol. 

This sparkling rosé of Cabernet Franc was crafted using the ancestral method, Pétillant Naturel. The creation of this wine requires perfect timing. It must be captured in bottle at just the right level of natural sugar so it is perfectly carbonated upon release.

This Pet Nat somehow found it's color closer to the golden California sunset rather than ruby red of a basic rosé, giving it an amazing ability to blend into the sparkling field, before standing out with a dry and complex finish. 

Wine Varietal

100% Cabernet Franc

Tasting Notes
Much different than typical sparkling wines, the finished wine has a unique raw character, loaded with energy and charisma.

Pairs Well With

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Field Recordings

Andrew Jones

Vineyard AVA
Paso Robles


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