Madeleine "Maddie" Cab Fanc

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Madeleine "Maddie" Cab Fanc

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We don’t have enough Cab Franc in our lives. This lesser-known Cab is primarily used for blending and is now starting to stand alone a bit more. 

This Cab Franc will remind you of cherries and truffles when it hits your nose, and the tasting notes have ripe fruit with an amazing dry finish... it will also remind me of my favorite Niece.

Wine Varietal
100% Cabernet Franc

Tasting Notes
lighter-bodied Cab Franc, Strawberry, and some acidity. It was aged in neutral oak, so it will be a brighter red wine that pairs great with food. 

Pairs Well With
Mushroom Risotto and other savory dishes.

How to Serve it
Room Temperature or Chilled to Preference 


Madeleine Wines

Damien Georis

Vineyard AVA
Central Coast of California, produced in Carmel Valley, CA

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