Quivira Fig Tree Sauvignon Blanc


Quivira Fig Tree Sauvignon Blanc

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So much of what makes a good Sauv Blanc went into this bottle. The location, the soil, the type of vines used... it all works so darn well. 

Many like to say they don't like white wine... I believe they just haven't had the right one yet. Try this and you might become a believer. 

Wine Varietal
100% Sauvignon Blanc from Organic Grapes

Production Notes
50% stainless tank and 50% barrel aging—using only French and
Acaia wood

Tasting Notes
Floral, green grass, tropic flavors, lightly acidic, and round smooth finish.

Pairs Well With
Grilled-Vegetable Pasta with Cumin

How to Serve it
Chilled to Preference



Vineyard AVA
Sonoma County

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