Great Pinot Noir Regions

Great Pinot Noir Regions

Everyone knows the term "Napa Cab", but it's easy to start daydreaming of your latest Netflix binge when your server starts spouting out, "Arroyo Secco Pinot", or "West Side Paso Zinfandel."  I am in the wine industry and I can barely stay focused. However, knowing just a little about what area makes a good wine can go a long way.

Not all pinot noir is the same, and one of the biggest differences is where the grape is grown.

Pinot Noir is a grape that is more sensitive to temperature compared to other red grapes. Where other red grapes grow well in regions like Napa and Paso Robles, a great tasting pinot requires regions with long cool growing seasons. These regions are found next to rivers, lakes, and oceans, where the water can help maintain mild temperatures throughout the growing season.

So, real estate prices are not the only things that grow well next to the water.

If you are looking at different bottles of pinot noir, try to look for regions next to large bodies of water.

Here are some great pinot regions in California.
Santa Barbra
Russian River Valley
Sonoma Coast


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