2019 & 2020 Watson Ranch 'Piston Broke' Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical Tasting 2 btl Bundle

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Too hard to choose between the 2019 and the 2020? Then don't choose... just get both! 

This is a 2-bottle bundle for one reduced flat price. Conduct your own vertical tasting of the 2019 & 2020 vintages of Watson Ranch 'Piston Broke' Cabernet Sauvignon at your next dinner party (or at your Netflix-and-chill in your PJ's night... hey, we don't judge!). This bundle also makes a great gift! 

Feel free to add as many of these bundles to your shopping cart as you'd like, there's no limit per customer. (In other words, you can do fun things like create-your-own-mixed-case by adding 6 of these bundles to your cart! That type of thing...) 

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