About Brix & Barrel

We’re Californians who love this place we call home. As diverse and exciting as anyplace else in the world, we are endlessly fascinated with all that this great state offers us, especially its wines. We know that the greater wine world is full of delicious wines, but there’s just something special about the combination of sunshine, geography, and passion that is unique to California. We want to share that with you.


Wine Club Curator
Gary Darakjian

Gary’s affection for his home state began early, formed during countless family trips to both the beaches of the central coast and the heights of the Sierras. Growing up in the Central Valley, the most fertile stretch of farmland on earth, an innate sense of California’s ability to provide and delight took root in him. But as many in the valley do, Gary left for the big cities, pursuing higher education in Los Angeles, and then even further away in Seattle. After all the papers had been written and the tests passed, it was during a time of soul-searching that he landed a serving job at a fine dining restaurant. It was here that something both new and old revealed itself: the joy of serving and sharing good food and drink. A return to his hometown sparked an even deeper desire to pursue this path, leading him to become a professional sommelier. When not thinking and drinking wine, he continues to explore the golden state with his wife and son.

About Our Name

Brix & Barrel reflects the balance of wine’s complexity and honesty. Winegrape sugars are measured in degrees Brix, and barrels are where these sugars are fermented and transformed into wine. While grape-growing and winemaking are influenced by seemingly infinite variables, Brix & Barrel reminds us of its enduring simplicity: grow good grapes, turn it into great wine, and enjoy every sip.