2018 Cobolorum
Riesling pétillant naturel
Kick On Ranch Vineyard, Santa Barbara County
220 cases made

"Seriously one of the best Pet Nats I've ever had!"
- Anne Watson of Anne Watson Photos


"Our favorite"
Eric Asimov of the New York Times

A sparkling just in time for spring.

Sour with a touch of sweetness, and effervescent.

Unfined & unfiltered. No added sulfites. Bottle-conditioned.

Natural crystalline and soft sediment exist in the bottle.

When ready to open, swiftly pop the crown cap, and have a glass ready.

What is a bottle grab?
It is a flash sale with one new product, with limited inventory, only sold for 12 hours.

Can I buy other things on the site during the bottle grab?
Absolutely, you can add anything else you want to your cart before checking out.

Is there a bottle minimum or maximum? 
Nope, if you would like to order a bottle or 4 cases, go for it! But when we are out of inventory, the sale ends.


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