What Wine to Serve When They All Come to Dinner

What Wine to Serve When They All Come to Dinner

Picking a wine for a group can be hard. We know, we've been there, and nothing is worse than picking a bottle only for everyone to end up quietly ordering a beer after it arrives.

Pinot noir is one of the world's best-known wine. And ever since its big screen debut in the movie Sideways, it has created both a fanatical following and an intense opposition. However, ironically this wine's taste profile makes it one of the most universal likable wines on the market.

What to serve when they all come to dinner...

A simple pinot noir made with good ingredients and with limited intervention during production is lighter not only in color but also light in the dark taste that most red wines have, tannins. This light color and taste allow it to be paired with fish, vegetables, pasta, or even red meat or duck. 

So of all wines, if a vegetarian, vegan, fisherman, and a duck hunter, are coming to dinner... Pinot noir is most likely to be a crowd pleaser.


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