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Winery Visit - The Fableist Wine Co.

From time to time we buy wine because of the label. It is not something we like to admit, primarily because of the old saying "Never judge a book by its cover!" However, more often than not, we compromise on wine quality for the sake of a pretty label. Not at the Fableist Wine Co.  In January I was able to visit the Fableist tasting room with my twin brother and some friends. The tasting room is located in one of Paso's greatest treasures, Tin City. Tin City is a plethora of breweries, wineries, and unsuspecting professional offices located right off the 101 as you head into town. It is an amazing stop if you need to quench your wine thirst,...

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Why talk when you can wine?

  Wine has the ability to be so much more than just a drink or an option when the cocktail list is sub par. Wine can be the simple reason to get together with someone. How many times did you want to just talk to someone for a while about everything and nothing, but you knew it would get awkward before it started if you just asked, "Hey can we talk?" Talk? Talk about what?! Did my gossip game get discovered? Did they find out I am two episodes ahead of them on GOT? WHY ARE THEY SO MAD!!? This is where the wine comes in. Follow along. Instead of asking "Hey, can we talk?" causing the other person to...

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