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From time to time we buy wine because of the label. It is not something we like to admit, primarily because of the old saying "Never judge a book by its cover!" However, more often than not, we compromise on wine quality for the sake of a pretty label. Not at the Fableist Wine Co

In January I was able to visit the Fableist tasting room with my twin brother and some friends. The tasting room is located in one of Paso's greatest treasures, Tin City. Tin City is a plethora of breweries, wineries, and unsuspecting professional offices located right off the 101 as you head into town. It is an amazing stop if you need to quench your wine thirst, but get car sick up Peachy Canyon. 

The sun was setting and we had already enjoyed a few of the classic Paso wine stops. However, we knew something was different when we walked in and were greeted by one of the happiest tasting room attendants of the day sporting a vintage NASA t-shirt. 

Not being picky, we let her pour whatever she felt. The first pour was a Chardonnay, it was great with some butter but you could tell it was touched by stainless steel, with a fruity and bright finish. 

She then poured a few more reds. They were great but overshadowed by what came last.

At the end of the tasting, a few parties came in, and my coffee shop owning brother started telling the slightly tipsy retired school teachers that he trained small animals for Hollywood. I could have easily been entertained, would have simply sipped the last wine, and moved on. But then the host in the NASA tee dropped a bottle on the bar filled with a deep red liquid and a gorgeous ax adorning the label. 

As I said earlier, we have been told not to judge a book by its cover, but this...this was striking. 

I ignored my brother's explanation of how difficult it was to work with goldfish and swirled the glass up to my nose. It hit me. Images of blueberries and dark fruit danced through my nostrils followed with a slight sting from the eager alcohol. When I tasted it, it was filled with oak and a balanced but obvious taste of dark chocolate. 

At The Fablist Wine Co. each bottle has an image depicting one of Aesop’s fables. The designs end up being both minimalist and intricate at the same time, giving a nod to the time of line drawings and printing presses. 

I sat and revisited the glass a few times as my brother continued into a detailed explanation of how to manage hamsters in heat. 

Before I knew it the sun had set, and our friends had started a ping pong game in the common room nearby. 

I bought a few bottles and dragged my brother out of his monologue. 

 If you ever have a chance, make sure to stop by and try the wines offered by the Fableist Wine Co. 

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