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Health Benefits of Wine

Most have heard that enjoying a glass of red wine at night can help reduce the risk of heart disease. It has been backed by a number of studies, filled with who I can only assume were very willing test subjects.However, wine can do more than help your heart and give you something to do during a boring season of The Bachelor.

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What Does a Barrel Do

Using wood to describe a $90 bottle can seem odd, however, oak barrels are a huge part of what gives a wine its tasting characteristics. Here is a quick tip that can help better pick up what people mean when using a tree to describe their wine.

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Winery Visit - The Fableist Wine Co.

From time to time we buy wine because of the label. It is not something we like to admit, primarily because of the old saying "Never judge a book by its cover!" However, more often than not, we compromise on wine quality for the sake of a pretty label. Not at the Fableist Wine Co.  In January I was able to visit the Fableist tasting room with my twin brother and some friends. The tasting room is located in one of Paso's greatest treasures, Tin City. Tin City is a plethora of breweries, wineries, and unsuspecting professional offices located right off the 101 as you head into town. It is an amazing stop if you need to quench your wine thirst,...

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